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Explosion Protection Expert

Research and Development

  Dragon Industries has set up a team consisting of nearly 200 professionals with doctorate and master degree, and applied for more than 80 national patents through the cooperation with famous research institutes, universities and third-party inspection institutions at home and abroad, including BakerRisk in US, VTT in Finland, FM Global, TUV in Germany, etc.


  Dragon Industries has established a long-term cooperation relationship with the State Major Explosion Science and Technology Laboratory of Beijing Institute of Technology (Key state laboratories in China).




Products and Researches


  Products and services are mainly used in petrochemical, nuclear, military, tobacco, new energy (lithium batteries, hydrogen energy, etc.), tunnels, luxury houses, electronics, marine engineering, food, medicine, public safety and other potentially explosive industries.


  Successfully selected as the key science and technology project for the prevention and control of major production safety accidents of the State Administration of Safety Supervision in 2016, the blast shelter developed by Dragon Industries, which is the first in China, has been awarded the national invention patent and exported to developed European countries and the US.


  Dragon Industries, jointly with Beijing Institute of Technology, Sinopec and Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, has undertaken the “Public Safety Risk Prevention & Control and Emergency Technical Equipment – Key Technology Research and Demonstration for Typical Hazardous Chemicals Explosion Mechanism and Accident Prevention & Control”, which is the national key R&D program of the “13th Five-Year Plan”.


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